The Things You Don't See

Corrosion Control


We remove rust and deformation from every component you want to re-use on your bicycle. If we can't bring it back, we'll find a replacement.

Leather Saddles


We prefer Brooks and we'll help you arrive at that conclusion also -- but if you want us to bring your saddle back, we'll do what we can.

Rod Brakes


We were told once to call these 'decelerators.' We really like them, and we are the only ones in the Mid-Atlantic who will retro-fit them to your all-steel bicycle.

Grease, Glorious Grease


When is the last time you had your bike serviced?  We'll do it with top quality lubricants and Grade-A bits.



Do you have a three- or five-speed bike that you would like to convert to an upright riding position?  If you are over 50, we can help!

Cottered Cranks


This is what we look for.  The era of bicycle that we prefer to work on, indeed specialize in, have these pins in the cranks.  If it's got 'em, we can work on 'em!

Things You Don't See

General Maintenance


Most all-steel bikes need a freshening-up when they hit 50 years of age.  If you have acquired a bike that seems a little stiff, we can help.



You may never take your crankset apart, or crack the bottom bracket, and that means you won't ever see our best work.  Nonetheless, it will be beautiful.

Attention To Detail


Alignment, balance, and symmetry all help bicycles work well.  As cute as it is to hear a bump-bump-bump in an old bike, it is much better to not hear it.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle


Chances are, your bearings are fine.  We'll clean 'em, polish 'em, and reinstall what you brought us if they are within specifications.



There may well be a modern replacement for your OEM part.  If we know about it, we will certainly advise you of the option.  Pictured here is one such: brake pads have come a long way.

We Can Find It


Several parts of your bicycle will wear out with use.  Chances are, we can find something to replace your worn-out parts with, whether it's OEM or after-market.