On The Road Again

1973 Eaton's Glider


Didn't need much, but a buff and polish made a world of difference.  Tiny bit of paint, and it is beautiful again.

1956 BSA Lightweight Roadster


This was a full mechanical refurbishment, but a leave-alone on paint.  The new owner used to walk his dog every morning, and needed a change. 

Reagan-Era Schwinn Collegiate


This 5-speed was converted to an upright-style neighborhood cruiser for a woman who hadn't ridden a bike since the 70s.  She loves it. (Picture is from 'before.')

1973 Raleigh Sports Step-Through


This bicycle was found in a basement, needed grease, a chain, brakes, and a look-see at the gearbox.  It got those things and the owner is riding it again.

The Mule


This is our 1956 Humber Lightweight Roadster, that we use to test our mettle.  It has been welded and ground, braised, painted, and put away wet.  If you want to try something to see if it works, we'll do it on this thing first.

Lincoln and Phyllis, the DL-1s


These are our personal bikes, but we'll be happy to explain how they work if you want one like them.

On The Road Again

1960s Tank Bike


This was an American Flyer tank bike found under a shed, restored but without fenders.  The lights worked when we were done with it, and the color is called Sunset Orange.

1956 Hercules Lightweight Roadster


This bicycle is fast, clocking 30 mph in a timed event.  It is in service at the Greenleaf Point firehouse in a city near us.

1965 Shelby (Hercules) Traveler


This bike spent most of its life in Baltimore, but the new owner in Gettysburg wanted more green and less chrome.  

The One That Got Away


This 26-inch Crown Sunbeam was given to us and took 13 hours to figure out.  After we changed that tire, we gave it back -- but shouldn't have.  This bicycle was amazing.

Stock Raleigh DL-1 For Sale


Give us a call.  This bike is going to be restored to a 100 percent standard.  We'll be looking for a little over $1000 for it, and that's what we are into it for.  This has been a labor-intensive job.

Custom Stuff


If they did it back then, we'll do it today.  A bike that has been around for 70 years is going to be an heirloom, and we'll do it your way.  Our goal is for your kids to fight over it.