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Zen, Old English Bicycles & Rolling Art


It began with rod brakes, an appreciation for their timeless, mechanical beauty, and grew into a love for vintage 3-speed bicycles. Each bike is lovingly restored into individual pieces of Kinetic Art -- it is cheaper than therapy.

Current Projects

Coffee & Widgets


Coffee gets you going, but our Kinetic Art pieces keep you moving.  

Check out our rolling art in the gallery link below.

Kinetic Art

Art for the Sake of Art


Grandpa Cory's C&W is a collaborative art business, where we work alongside of the customer throughout the creative process -- to establish goals, ensure communication, and present the finished work on par with those in the galleries.

Photography Gallery

Line Art

The cornerstone of our business is not bicycles; if you need something drawn with ink instead of a computer, call us first.  Technical or non-technical, we will work with you to draw what you see.

Line Art Gallery


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Grandpa Cory's Coffee & Widgets

Crownsville, Maryland 21032, United States


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